Features of Ignium
  • Posting is Anonymous by default, but identities can be pseudo-secure through hashed passwords, which are displayed next to their name
  • Posts are written out to flat-files, allowing quick and painless administrator editing either through a text-editor or the built in Administration panel
  • HTML can be turned on or off in the configuration to allow for rich text or plain text in posts
  • Images are automatically resized to a configured thumbnail gemoetry using the ImageMagick binary
  • Images are displayed next to each post or reply to create a focus around them and spur topics
  • Posts can be made with or without images
  • Numerous Cascading Style Sheets are available to change the look of the BBS
  • Page numbers, displayed at the top and bottom of the page
  • Ignium is written with a clean style in mind without the (mis)use of JavaScript
  • Verbose logs are written by default with each access to the board page
  • The Administration Panel is incorporated and password-protected. It allows for quick editing and removal of offendin posts, as well as banning repeat offenders

Ignium is an Anonymous Internet BBS (Bulletin Board System) program, written in PHP and standards-compliant HTML and CSS. It is not an ordinary BBS, however, in that it focuses on images as the topic of any particular implementation.

With Ignium, you can create a meeting place for your friends, a company product/feature and feedback page, or anything else that you can mold images and user input around.

Ignium is released under the GNU GPL and can be freely modified and distributed by anyone. However, if you make changes to Ignium, please submit them the the sourceforge project page so they can be integrated into the official product.